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About Our Medical Clinic

When Portage Community founder Steve Michalik first went to the Dominican Republic in 2018, he was horrified by the lack of medical care many people experienced. Access to basic healthcare was limited due to financial barriers, distance to a treatment center, and lack of options. Upon witnessing these obstacles, he envisioned a medical clinic that primarily served people unable to access healthcare.

Since that initial inspiration, the Partner of Hope Medical Clinic has progressed from a mere idea to tangible project. With the help of Hope for Hispaniola, we began construction of the clinic in 2020 despite the global shutdown from Covid-19. The final touches to the clinic will be completed in 2022!

Built on the outskirts of Higuey, our medical clinic will provide vital healthcare to many underserved people. On the first floor, the clinic will be divided into different areas such as a waiting area, exam rooms, a lab, dental, optical, and a procedure room. The second floor will have two apartments for our two full time doctors with multiple bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

Outside of the Hartman Initiative Clinic
Hartman Initiative Medical Clinic in the Dominican Republic

The Clinic at a Glance

  • Location: 20 minutes from the heart of Higuey
  • Beginning of Construction: December 2020
  • End of Construction: 2022
  • Staff: 1 full-time doctor and 1 director
  • Treatment Options
    • Basic examination
    • Optical
    • Dental
    • Testing lab
    • Basic procedures

The Impact of Your Support

Many people in the Dominican Republic do not receive any form of medical treatment during the year due to a wide variety of barriers. Because of the Partner of Hope Medical Clinic,  people receive the vital care they need in an accessible, quick manner. Furthermore, this clinic offers another avenue of employment for Dominican health care professionals.

Current Clinic Needs

  • Medical Equipment
  • PPE
  • Office Materials
  • Furniture
  • Office Equipment
  • Scrubs
  • Technology
  • Lab and Testing Equipment
  • Procedure Tools and Equipment

Medical Clinic Updates

Meet Mabel, Clinic Director in the Dominican Republic

By Portage Community | November 17, 2022 | 0 Comments

Mabel Dasneyri Núñez is the new Dominican Republic clinic director for the Portage Community. She brings years of experience to her role and a commitment to healthcare for those in her community. The Portage Community is excited to have her be a part of our mission. Hello, my name is […]

Medical Clinic Update – August 2022

By Portage Community | August 12, 2022 | 0 Comments

An extension of Portage Community’s International Program is the Partner of Hope Medical Clinic. We desire to eliminate barriers for Dominican students pursuing a degree in medicine. Across the Dominican Republic, many people don’t have access to medical care. This is due to distance from a care facility or a […]

Portage Community Medical Clinic Updates – July 2021

By Portage Community | July 19, 2021 | 0 Comments

Construction began on the clinic in December of 2020, providing jobs for many unemployed Dominicans. Today, the first and second floors have been completed. Once completed, the first floor will serve as a fully-functioning clinic. The second floor will contain two apartments for the full-time doctors on staff. In addition, the clinic will also house a lab that will test for cervical cancer among other things.

Staff Spotlight

Pamela McFarland - Director of International Programs

Pamela McFarland

Pamela McFarland is the Director of International Programs for the Portage Community. She is a medical doctor in the Dominican Republic and worked for the Ministry of Public Health prior to moving to Pennsylvania. Pamela comes from a family of four and worked as a translator in high school. With passion and expertise is unparalleled in her field, she has a heart to serve and care for others. As someone in our international medical student’s shoes several years ago, there’s no better person to accompany someone along their path to education than from someone who has already been there. In her free time, she enjoys crafting, cooking, exercising, reading, serving in missions and outdoor activities. Spending time with family and friends is what she loves the most.

Next Steps - The Future of Our Medical Clinic

For individuals living in poverty, one medical crisis will keep families unable to dream of a life without hunger, access to education, and equal healthcare. Disastrous events occur without immediate access to healthcare: children grow up without parents, primary caregivers are unable support their families, and children aren’t able to attend school because they need to search for income for their family. By supporting the Partner of Hope Medical Clinic, you can provide access to healthcare for generations to come.

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