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Local and Abroad: Mentorship, Test Prep, Professional Development, Scholarships

Overview of Our Service Model

We Seek to Eliminate Barriers to Students' Success

Portage Community has evolved over the years to better serve students and meet their needs. For many students, tuition costs are just the tip of the iceberg on the journey to becoming a medical professional. Each person served by Portage Community has access to a full team of individuals who are ready to encourage students to not give up on their dreams. Our proprietary program follows effective mentoring techniques and standards that are set by MENTOR National and strive to continue learning ways to better serve our students.

We have adapted our service model to meet these needs, making mentoring the primary requirement for entering Portage Community program. After mentorship, professional development and test preparation became the subsequent offerings. Then, for the students who need it, we offer technology and book scholarships.

On an international level, financial need is still the primary requirement for entering the program. Here, we seek to allow young men and women from the Dominican Republic enter a program at a premiere university to become a doctor. They too receive mentorship and professional development on top of the scholarship.

Hartman Initiative Event

What Students Say

See how Portage Community Impacts Students!

"I don't have the words to explain how grateful I am for HFS. The scholarship funds were incredibly helpful and allowed me to purchase my school books and other school supplies, but the support system that came with it was invaluable."

"This program was very helpful in my nursing school journey. I thought at first a mentor would be too time consuming, but it was the best help I could ever ask for."

Overview of Our Local Program

This year, Portage Community hopes to accept 10 students into the local program for our fall 2021 pilot cohort. Then, we will expand and offer our program to up to 30 students for the spring semester. All of these students are part of the ADN program at the Community College of Beaver County. Each student applied and was selected through a rigorous selection process by Portage Community staff and board members.

After their selection, students are paired with a medical mentor and a life mentor. Medical mentors are current and former medical professionals with a heart to serve the next generation of nurses. Life mentors provide encouragement and insight on navigating educational and personal obligations.

Throughout the year, students attend professional development sessions and NCLEX test prep sessions. These events bring in outside experts to provide our students with as many tools as possible to succeed in their future careers.

If you're interested in applying for Portage Community's program for the upcoming year, click below!

Overview of Our International Program

Portage Community expanded and adapted its programs to serve the people of the Dominican Republic. There, we focus on eliminating the financial barrier for students to attend a university and receive a degree in medicine. These students go on to serve their communities as doctors.

We accept one student each year into the program to fully fund their education for the duration of achieving their degree. This includes tuition, housing, food, and technology. We also provide mentorship and professional development from a Dominican doctor. This allows students who otherwise couldn't attend school to achieve their dreams.

Currently, we have four students in our program and will add more in the future.

Pamela McFarland with Hartman Initiative Scholarship recipient Daniela

Partner of Hope Medical Clinic

After going on a missions' trip to the Dominican Republic in 2018, Portage Community founder Steve Michalik saw a need for accessible medical care for the Dominican people. After several conversations with our partners at Hope for Hispaniola, we began construction on a private medical clinic to meet this need.

Located outside of Higuey, the clinic is built on a piece of land inside the Hope for Hispaniola Medical and Missions Center. It includes a waiting area, treatment rooms, a lab, and apartments on the second floor for our full time staff. The clinic will employ a full-time doctor and we hope to expand the staff as the clinic grows. Furthermore, students in our international program have the opportunity to come work there to gain experience as they pursue their education.

Construction began in 2020 and persisted through the shutdown of Covid-19. Now, the exterior of the building is complete and efforts have moved to the interior. Once finished, the people in Higuey and its surrounding area will have access to quality medical care. The clinic will be finished by the end of 2022.

Our Impact

Workforce Development

Our future medical personnel receive specific, vital training to enter the field.

More Accessible Healthcare

Both through our clinic and lower poverty rates, healthcare becomes accessible.

Stronger Healthcare Systems

With more well-trained workers comes new perspectives and better overall care.

Reduce Medical Personnel Shortage

Eliminating educational barriers brings more workers into an understaffed field.

Lower Poverty Rates

The elimination of barriers allows people to pull themselves out of poverty.

More Access to Quality Education

From mentorship to scholarship, students have every tool they need to succeed.

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