Mabel Dasneyri Núñez is the new Dominican Republic clinic director for the Portage Community. She brings years of experience to her role and a commitment to healthcare for those in her community. The Portage Community is excited to have her be a part of our mission.

Hello, my name is Mabel Dasneyri Núñez, I have been a general practitioner and auditor for 11 years. I graduated from the Universidad Central del Este. 

After that I did my internship, and because of my performance they offered me to work as an assistant doctor in the health sector in the primary care unit in Yerba Buena Hato Mayor del Rey, where I stayed for exactly 5 years. At the same time, I participated in medical operations and missionary groups in the health area both for Meeting God in Missions and for Hope for Hispaniola. For 3 years I have been working at the Pablo A Paulino Hospital as an emergency doctor and now for Portage Community. 

Serving others through this area of ​​health is my passion and I believe that it is part of the Lord’s will for my life.

For more information about the clinic and the work that Portage Community is doing in the Dominican Republic, click here.


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