An extension of Portage Community’s International Program is the Partner of Hope Medical Clinic. Not only do we desire to eliminate barriers for Dominican students to pursue a degree in medicine, but we hope to reform medical care overall. Across the Dominican Republic, many people don’t have access to medical care. This is due to distance from a care facility or a lack of funds to pay for care.

Portage Community’s founder, Steve Michalik, witnessed this firsthand during a mission’s trip in 2018. Since then, we’ve made tremendous strides towards completing a private medical clinic to serve the people in and around Higuey. Partnering with us in this endeavor is Hope for Hispaniola, a nonprofit that has worked heavily in the Dominican Republic for 20 years. Thanks to this partnership, the clinic will be built inside of the Hope for Hispaniola Medical and Missions Center outside of Higuey.

Construction Update for the Medical Clinic

Construction began on the clinic in December of 2020, providing jobs for many unemployed Dominicans. Today, the first and second floors have been completed. Once completed, the first floor will serve as a fully-functioning clinic. The second floor will contain two apartments for the full-time doctors on staff. In addition, the clinic will also house a lab that will test for cervical cancer among other things.

The construction team started dividing the clinic into different areas, such as a waiting area, exam rooms, the lab, dental, optical, and a procedure room. On the second floor, construction continues on the apartments. The team is finishing the walls, then will continue working on the flooring, electricity, paint, and bathrooms. One apartment has three bedroom and the other one has two bedrooms, both with bathroom, living room and kitchen; everything that our doctors will need. 

We are looking forward to finishing construction on the clinic. None of this would be possible without your incredibly generous support. As we look to the future, we hope to see all Dominicans living happy and healthy lives. Thank you so much for supporting us in this mission!


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