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About Our International Program

Portage Community International Program serves medical students in the Dominican Republic. Through your support, we fully fund students through medical school who otherwise would not be able to attend. These students go on work in Dominican hospitals and private clinics and provide vital medical care to their community.

Students attend Iberoamerican University  (UNIBE) in Santo Domingo. There, Portage Community pays for their tuition, housing, transportation, food, and other expenses, which amounts to $12,000 total per student per year. They also receive mentorship and professional development opportunities.

We select one student each year and commit to funding them through the entirety of medical school, which is a five year program. Students also have the opportunity to work for the Partner of Hope Medical Clinic in Higuey during their one year of residency. Ultimately, we hope that these bright young people better their communities through their training.

The Hartman Initiative's International Scholarship recipients
Pamela McFarland and Hartman Initiative Scholarship participant Ana

Selection Process for Program Participants

Applications are distributed to interested students through our partner on the ground in the Dominican Republic, Hope for Hispaniola. They seek out students through organizations such as schools and local churches. They then distribute applications to all students who want to enter medical school but cannot due to a financial need.

Once applications are completed, Hope for Hispaniola sends the applications to the Portage Community Board of Directors. They then select one recipient out of all of the applications. That recipient then joins Portage Community Program for their five years of medical school.

You Can Impact Students from an Ocean Away

We want to help a new generation of Dominican doctors receive the best possible training. Furthermore, we want to give people the opportunity to attend medical school - something they could not afford otherwise. By supporting this program, you equip students to achieve their dream of helping others and give them the tools to break the cycle of poverty.

What Your Support Means

  • You eliminate the financial barriers for a student to attend medical school.
  • You strengthen the healthcare system in the Dominican Republic through students coming through our program.
  • You provide mentorship and professional development to help students succeed.
  • You break the cycle of poverty by giving students the education to double their annual income.
Cost per year for 1 student
Length of program for 1 student
Hartman Initiative Scholarship Recipient Daniela


Fully Funded for the Year
Pamela McFarland and Hartman Initiative Scholarship participant Ana


Fully Funded for the Year
Hartman Initiative Scholarship recipiant Joel


Fully Funded for the Year

Meet Our International Students

Daniela del Rosario Morla

I started in Portage Community program in 2019. I wanted to go to medical school because of my grandpa. As I was growing up, I remembered seeing my grandpa praying for a long time. I thought he might have a long list of requests, yet to my surprise it was a long list of prayers for family, friends, and prayer request for others. My grandpa showed me the art of helping and the willingness to always help others.

As I was growing up, I loved discovering Science, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.  Each subject contributes to Medicine. I’m excited to start a career of service and science.

    My goals in medicine are big, but my first long term goal is to finish my career successfully. My second dream is to be able to enter to a good residency program and become a Cardiology Doctor. I would also like to start an educational program to prevent cardiovascular diseases and serve the community.

    I have learned the importance of spending time with loved ones.  I very much enjoy spending quality time with my family. I enjoy visiting the countryside, seeing the animals, green spaces, nature and all the details of it. I also like to listen French music.  I love going to church and joining the medical mission groups.

    Pamela McFarland with Hartman Initiative Scholarship recipient Daniela

    Ana Beatriz Domínguez

    I started in the Portage Community program in 2020.

    Medicine is a humanitarian career.  It helps others and allows me to be a blessing and light for others.  To be able to help a person find the origin of their medical issue, recover from a disease, and offer an opportunity for the patient to heal is incredible.

    I hope to become a wise professional who loves their job and puts into practice all the knowledge and values learned during my career.

    I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I also like to watch comedy movies and volleyball.

    Pamela McFarland and Hartman Initiative Scholarship participant Ana

    Joel Mejía del Rosario

    I started in the Portage Community program in 2020.

    The essence of medicine is to help others and that is something I have enjoyed doing since I was a child.  I identified with the career because of the example set by family and friends. My Grandma always told me “There are enough people to help if you want to”. I still carry those words with me. I have served as a translator for mission groups and it influenced and taught me to find happiness in doing good for others.

    I hope to be a good professional and to be able to help others through the things I learn.  When I’m done with my career, I would like to learn a specialty.  I’m not sure in what area yet, but something I am very certain of is that I want to be a responsible and exceptional professional, no matter which specialty I practice.

    I enjoy spending time with my loved ones and friends more than anything in the world. I like to read, appreciate good movies, and watch baseball and basketball.

    Hartman Initiative Scholarship recipiant Joel

    International Program Updates

    Meet Mabel, Clinic Director in the Dominican Republic

    By Portage Community | November 17, 2022 | 0 Comments

    Mabel Dasneyri Núñez is the new Dominican Republic clinic director for the Portage Community. She brings years of experience to her role and a commitment to healthcare for those in her community. The Portage Community is excited to have her be a part of our mission. Hello, my name is […]

    Meet Ana

    By Portage Community | February 28, 2022 | 0 Comments

    My name is Ana Beatriz Dominguez.  I’m part of Portage Community’s International Scholarship Program. I began my educational journey in 2021, and I am currently in my second semester of medicine. For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. As the heavens […]

    Portage Community International Program Updates – July 2021

    By Portage Community | July 19, 2021 | 0 Comments

    The Hartman Initiative’s international program in the Dominican Republic has expanded greatly since its inception in 2018. Our first student is entering her third year and we have two new students entering this year. Despite the challenges of Covid-19 on academics and international support, our students continue to persevere and demonstrate excellence.

    Next Steps - The Future of Our International Programs

    In keeping in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Portage Community sets out to empower students with a desire to serve their communities through medicine. Because of your assistance, these students will not have to choose between feeding their families or going to school. Not only can you change the lives of students, but you can also care for an entire community. By contributing to Portage Community International Program, you help alleviate poverty and provide families with education.

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