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Portage Community volunteers are critical to the growth and development of nurses in your community. Join us in bridging the gap for nursing students’ path toward education.

About Mentoring with Portage Community

Mentors for the Portage Community are caring and hopeful team players. They are dedicated to meeting people where they are and getting to the root of issues rather than treating a symptom. Medical mentors are experts in their field with real-life experiences to bring to their mentees. Life mentors are specialists in bridging gaps in education and holistically supporting nursing students.

Becoming a mentor for the Portage Community not only benefits nursing students in your community, but it also helps you! According to a survey from MENTOR National, 94% of volunteer mentors report that volunteering improves their mood, 76% report a reduction of stress and feeling healthier after mentoring sessions, and 95% state they are helping to make their community a better place.

Each academic year, the Portage Community seeks to bring a medical mentor and a life mentor for each student in our program. We provide essential mentor training and tools to ensure our mentors have the tools they need to mentor effectively. By walking alongside students, our mentors help each student to reach their full potential as a future nurse.

Why Mentorship Matters

Value of Portage Community Mentor Hours
over the last 8 months
Nursing Shortage in Beaver County
Annual Increase Rate of the Nursing Field
Dropout Rate of Nursing Students in Beaver County

Studying to be a nurse is far from easy, especially for non-traditional students. Mentorship alleviates the burdens of nursing students and provides them with a professional and academic support system as they pursue this vital career.

By supporting nursing students and helping to cultivate a stronger group of nurses entering the workforce, we have the opportunity to empower our healthcare systems while helping to lift families out of poverty and create generational impact.

Mentor Requirements

Medical Mentor

  • Be a current or former medical professional. This includes current and retired nurses
  • Western Pennsylvania resident
  • An interest in supporting future nurses in your community.
  • Ability to commit to mentoring a student for one academic year for 5-10 hours a month.

Life Mentor

  • Be a current or former education professional, someone with past mentoring experience, or someone interested in becoming a mentor. This also includes NursingABC and Portage Learning Staff
  • Western Pennsylvania resident
  • An interest in supporting future nurses in your community.
  • Ability to commit to mentoring a student for one academic year for 5-10 hours a month

Become a Mentor Today!

Want more information about our various mentoring positions and requirements? Contact. us at applications@PortageCommunity.org. We will review your message and be in touch as soon as possible!

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Hartman Initiative Scholarship Recipient Daniela

Volunteer Spotlight

Mandy Dodd - Vice President of the Hartman Initiative

Mandy Dodd

Mandy has been a dedicated volunteer mentor since the inception of the Portage Community. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, she helped students navigate the uncertainties and struggles of their ever-changing education through virtual meetings and consistent encouragement. Over the years, Mandy has also provided Portage Community with tangible ways to improve and grow. Her dedication to supporting her mentees, her fellow mentors, and Portage Community as a whole continues to exemplify the heart of Portage Community Mentor Values. Thank you, Mandy, for your service and sacrifice on behalf of Portage Community!

"Knowing I had you [Mandy] as a support while I was barely getting any sleep and being worried I was going to pass my test. Just getting a text from you knowing that you were thinking about me and that you know I can do this was such an encouragement."

- Rachael, Class of 2019

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