Portage Community has partnered with Bridging the Gap, a program that provides low-cost access to the internet and computers for qualifying students. Students who are associated with Portage Community or Portage Learning have access to this program if they meet the eligibility criteria.

What is Bridging the Gap?

Bridging the Gap is a partnership between PCs for People and Mobile Beacon that
brings access to life and helps low-income individuals and families get on the path
to opportunity by providing the first-class technology they need to break the cycle
of poverty. Bridging the Gap enables nonprofits to offer their community high-
quality, affordable computers and first-class uncapped, high-speed, and unlimited
internet service, so their limited budgets won’t mean a second-class level of

Desktop Computers

Desktops start at $75 and include 4 GB of RAM, 250 GB Hard Drives, and a Windows 10 Operating System.

Keyboard, mouse, and cords are free with each desktop. A flat-screen monitor is an additional $25 or $35

Laptop Computers

Note: Pricing varies based on age, speed & other features

Laptops start at $100 and include 4 GB of RAM, 250 GB Hard Drives, and a Windows 10 Operating System.

Hard drive size and RAM amount can be increased for an additional fee.


Every computer includes a one-year hardware warranty where issues are repaired free! User-caused issues (like physical damage and viruses) aren’t covered under warranty.

Low-Cost Internet

Internet with unlimited data is available from Bridging the Gap. Purchase the modem and choose 1, 3, 6, or 12 months of internet to begin service. Speed is 12–40 Mbps.

If you’re interested in only purchasing a computer, follow this link: https://portagecommunity.pcsrefurbished.com or call 651-354-2552.

If you’re interested in internet access, follow this link for a related program*: acp.pcsrefurbished.com/acp or call 651-354-2552.

*(Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is another option from PCs for People, which is one of the partners for Bridging the Gap. ACP provides $30 off internet every month and a $100 one-time benefit toward a computer. An internet purchase is required in order to use the computer credit).

Am I Eligible?

Listed below is what you’ll need to upload to determine eligibility. For more details, follow this link: http://www.pcsforpeople.org/eligibility/

1. A Photo ID

2. Proof of Eligibility:

Bring a document under 12 months old that shows current enrollment in an income-based government assistance program with your name on it (must match the name on the photo ID).

Acceptable documents include:

• A SNAP statement (EBT card alone is not accepted)

• Medicaid card/approval letter for Medical Assistance (dated)

·       A statement of benefits from: Social Security, General Assistance, Veteran Administration, Retirement/Pension, or Unemployment Compensation

• Proof of WIC or Head Start

• Proof of Pell Grant

• Section 8 document

• Federal Public Housing document or Public Housing ID

• Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program statement

• Free or reduced lunch (National School Lunch Program)

• State, federal, or tribal tax return (W2 forms not accepted)


If you have any questions, call Bridging the Gap:

Monday-Friday: 10:00-5:30