Portage Community has partnered with Bridging the Gap to provide low-cost access to the internet and computers for students needing technology for their education. 

Students who are associated with Portage Community or Portage Learning have access to this program if they meet the eligibility criteria. If you’re a student and want to see if you’re eligible, follow this link: http://www.pcsforpeople.org/eligibility/

Bridging the Gap is a program born out of a partnership between Mobile Beacon and PCs for People. 

To give a little more context, Mobile Beacon and PCs for People are groups focused on assisting people in low-income situations to afford the technological resources they need to succeed. Bridging the Gap offers discounted desktops (and the supplies that go along with them, such as a mouse, keyboard, and cords). They offer affordable computers, laptops, as well as low-cost internet. All computer purchases also include a one-year hardware warranty with free repairs for damages that aren’t caused by the user. Portage Community partners with Bridging the Gap to make this technology more accessible to our medical students.

(If you’re a student who is interested in applying to the program, you’ll need a picture ID and proof of eligibility in the form of a document that shows current enrollment in an income-based government assistance program with your name on it. It also must be under twelve months old.) 

Click here for more details about applying. 

One of the things we love about this partnership is how the Bridging the Gap program combines Portage Community’s value of care with Portage Learning’s value of service.  Our future medical professionals are people with unique experiences and struggles. The Bridging the Gap program meets them where they are financially and helps them afford the tools they need to reach their full potential. 


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