There are many benefits to receiving mentoring as a student, but what you may not think about are the benefits of mentoring when you are the mentor. Whether you are interested in becoming a life mentor or a medical mentor through Portage Community or if the idea of mentoring in general sounds interesting, it not only helps students in your community but is also a rewarding experience for you. 

Mentoring in General  

Volunteering as a mentor can improve your mood, reduce stress, allow you to feel healthier after mentoring sessions, and helps you improve your community.

The relationship building that occurs through a mentoring experience helps you form an irreplaceable bond with the students and the community you serve. You especially can see this in nursing as you engage in preparing students for a demanding healthcare field. 

In a 2019 study by Olivet Nazarene University, healthcare is the field with the lowest reported number of mentors (Source)

The same study shows that 76% of people consider mentorship important, but less than half have a mentor. 

You can help cultivate a strong group of nurses entering the workforce. By supporting nursing students, you have the chance to empower our healthcare systems while helping to create a generational impact. These goals are what Portage Community believes and puts into practice through our programs.

Mentoring through Portage Community 

At the beginning of every academic year, we seek out two types of mentors: medical mentors and life mentors for each student who is part of our local program. We give our mentors the tools they need to mentor effectively.

Our medical mentors are trained in the nursing field and our life mentors are generally affiliated with the local community and want to support nursing students. Residing in Western Pennsylvania, each type walks alongside our students and helps them reach their full potential as future nurses. 

Medical Mentor 

Medical mentors are experts in their field with real-life experiences to bring to their mentees. Some benefits you may experience as a medical mentor stem from the relationship formed over time. It’s an ongoing connection in which you serve as a positive role model professionally and personally. 

You experience things with your mentee as you plan and participate in activities together. Setting goals and working toward accomplishing them leads to contentment unique to your role as a medical mentor as you share your expertise and wisdom. There is also a personal fulfillment in helping to cultivate the next generation of nurses.

“It was such a delight to be a mentor to Miranda. She navigated her classes, family, and job so well. The most rewarding thing was to see her excitement when she got her grades and texted me with her grades.”

(Nancy, Medical Mentor)

Life Mentor

Life mentors are specialists in bridging gaps in education and holistically supporting nursing students. As a life mentor, you take the lead in helping a nursing student through an ongoing, encouraging relationship and serve as a role model that the student can turn to for guidance. 

By striving for mutual respect, you build self-esteem and motivation. Cultivating these relationships by planning and participating in activities together allows you the satisfaction of helping your mentees accomplish the goals set before them. 

“I’m a mom of college students, and I love seeing them and their friends be ambitious, learn new skills, and ultimately reach their goals. For me, mentoring a student through Portage Community was an extension of that. I was available and could listen and direct my student to possible solutions. I couldn’t always fix the problem for her, but I could offer a listening ear and a bit of experience and guidance. Seeing my mentee succeed with her studies and eventually walk the stage at her pinning ceremony was a privilege and an honor.”

 (Sara, Life Mentor)

Studying to be a nurse is difficult, especially for non-traditional students. Mentorship alleviates the burdens of all nursing students and provides them with a professional and academic support system as they pursue this vital career. All mentoring involves being caring and a hopeful team player dedicated to meeting students right where they are. If you feel called to mentorship, we encourage you to seek it out in your community! And if you reside in Western Pennsylvania, feel free to connect with us at Portage Community or find more information here.

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